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Crystal meth detox can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms. For people who find themselves addicted to meth, quitting is extremely difficult due to the withdrawal symptoms. In fact, many people relapse due to the withdrawal symptoms involved in quitting meth. 

Fortunately, there are medically-supervised detox programs to help people safely manage these withdrawal symptoms and begin recovery. The Retreat of Broward offers a detox center in Florida for those quitting meth and other substances. Our medical and emotional support staff ensure safety and comfort during the detox process.

What is Our Meth Detox Center in Florida Like?

Methamphetamine, also called “crystal meth” or “meth,” is a potent stimulant drug. Meth affects the central nervous system (CNS) and increases wakefulness, euphoria, and alertness in users. This drug is highly addictive because of its effects. In fact, many meth users become addicted after the first use.

Meth addiction can lead to many adverse effects. A person can face physical, social, and mental health issues as a result of their substance abuse. Therefore, a medically supervised detox program, one that takes place at an inpatient facility, is crucial.

Our meth detox center supports all aspects of health and wellness. We provide a safe, clean, and comfortable setting. In this way, a person can heal both physically and mentally throughout the detox process. 

In addition, we have professional staff that is available 24/7 throughout the detox process. We provide the medical, emotional, and social support needed for people to start their recovery. Clinical and nursing staff are nearby throughout the process to monitor withdrawal symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of Meth Withdrawal

There are several signs and symptoms of meth withdrawal. These symptoms are the body’s reaction to no longer using meth. Consequently, many people become addicted to meth to avoid these symptoms. Instead of dealing with withdrawal, they continue to use the drug, thus, getting caught in the cycle of addiction.

Common signs and symptoms of meth withdrawal include the following:

  • Increased appetite
  • Lack of motivation
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Hallucinations
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Mood swings
  • Intense cravings
  • Sleep issues
  • Suicidal thoughts

Each person will experience a variety of symptoms during the detox process. However, a medically-supervised detox program can minimize the most uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. While timelines can vary, most people need seven to 10 days in detox to make it through the most intense withdrawal symptoms. Then, they can continue treatment with inpatient or outpatient drug rehab.

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Meth Detox + Withdrawal Timeline

The meth detox and withdrawal timeline are roughly the same for each person in recovery. Of course, each person will have a unique experience. Therefore, the following timeline provides a general outline of what to expect during meth detox. 

A rough timeline of the meth detox process should include:

The First 24 Hours

Stimulant drugs like meth have short half-lives, so withdrawal can begin within a few hours of quitting. Many people who use meth experience this phase as the “crash” of unpleasant feelings after the effects of meth wear off. The first 24 hours are often the most intense in terms of physical symptoms.

Days One through Three

Withdrawal symptoms could remain intense for the first three days of detox. Mental health symptoms like suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, and paranoia could occur during this phase. Therefore, supervision is critical at this time.

The First Week

Most of the intense symptoms will lessen within the first week of detox. Since stimulants suppress a person’s appetite, they might begin to gain weight. In addition, symptoms like trouble thinking clearly and hopelessness could linger throughout the first week.

After Meth Detox

Most meth detox programs last between a week  and 10 days. However, some people need more time—perhaps up to two weeks for severe addictions. After meth detox, withdrawal symptoms could continue to linger, but they won’t be as intense. For this reason, getting into rehab after detox is important to manage these lingering symptoms.

In addition, not everyone will experience the same symptoms or intensity. To provide the best treatment, The Retreat of Broward in Florida offers individualized treatment plans for those attending our meth detox center. These client-centered plans address the unique factors influencing withdrawal for each person.

group therapy at our meth detox center in Florida

Factors Influencing Meth Withdrawal

Many factors influence meth withdrawal symptoms for each person in detox. Generally, using several times a day for years leads to more intense symptoms compared using less often. However, health factors also impact the severity of withdrawal symptoms for each person.

Factors influencing meth withdrawal include things like:

  • Length of meth addiction
  • Mixing other substances with meth
  • How the person uses meth (snorting, smoking, injecting, or swallowing)
  • Dosage of meth per use
  • Unique effects of the drug on the person
  • Underlying mental and physical health conditions

Therefore, each person needs to be cautious when quitting drugs like meth. A meth user is more likely to relapse when they don’t have support from a meth detox center.

Can You Detox From Meth Cold Turkey?

Detoxing from meth “cold turkey” can be highly dangerous. Many people attempt to quit on their own. This often leads to relapse with a higher dose to “make up for” not using. As a result, they run a high risk of overdose and life-threatening issues when trying to quit without support.

Quitting meth cold turkey without help from an inpatient detox center is dangerous for a few reasons. First, a person could access meth without any barriers to hold them accountable for recovery. Many people misjudge the intensity of withdrawal, then they cave in to cravings when withdrawal sets in.

Next, they won’t have medical support for withdrawal symptoms. Prolonged meth use can have adverse effects on a person’s health. These effects can include things like heart and circulatory issues. Therefore, each person in detox needs medical support to monitor their symptoms for safety.

Lastly, many people will need mental health support during detox. Some people became addicted to meth to self-medicate for mental health disorders. On the other hand, others develop mental health problems due to the effects that meth has on brain functioning. Without support for mental health symptoms, a person could relapse.

Benefits of Our Meth Detox Center in Florida

Our meth detox center offers many benefits to those in need of recovery. Above all, we are much safer than quitting “cold turkey” without support.

Additional benefits of meth detox in Florida include:

  • More likely to complete the detox process
  • Peer support from others dealing with similar issues
  • Focus on getting better without distractions
  • Safe from relapse triggers at an inpatient facility
  • Unable to access meth to alleviate withdrawal symptoms
  • Medications might be used to help the process
  • Understand the underlying causes of addiction
  • Transition to an aftercare program to continue recovery

Detox at a professional inpatient facility offers the best hope for recovery. After all, detox is only the first step in recovery. Each person needs to begin their recovery in the right way to achieve sobriety and success.

Begin Recovery at Our Meth Detox Center in Florida

Methamphetamine addiction is among the most difficult habits to quit. Many people succumb to cravings during detox to avoid distressing withdrawal symptoms. However, relapsing during detox can lead to life-threatening problems, like an accidental overdose. The Retreat of Broward has a meth detox center near Fort Lauderdale, Margate and Coral Springs, Florida for you or a loved one struggling with meth addiction. 

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