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Pompano Beach Detox Programs

The Retreat of Broward is a licensed and accredited medical detox center in Florida. Our Pompano Beach detox programs are offered in a safe and nurturing environment for individuals overcoming substance abuse and addiction. With comfortable private and semi-private rooms, daily housekeeping services, and nutritious meals, clients can focus on their recovery comfortably.

Our detox center offers tailored detox programs for various substances, including alcohol and opiates, providing support from a caring professional staff 24/7. Additionally, the facility offers behavioral therapies, like CBT, to help individuals develop coping strategies for lasting recovery.

People at a group therapy session during one of the Pompano Beach detox programs.

The Importance of Detox

Detoxification is an intensive process. Often, detox serves as the first step and most challenging part of the recovery journey. During this stage, harmful substances are removed from the body, a necessary step before healing truly begins. The Retreat of Broward is known for its individualized detox programs available in our evidence-based services. We offer a safe and comfortable detox experience, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our Pompano Beach detox programs provide more than just the initial step of detoxification. It prepares clients for the next stages of their recovery journey. Treatment teams help each client plan their next steps before they leave detox. This approach ensures that those leaving the center are equipped with a strong recovery plan that includes aftercare planning.

Our dedication to comprehensive care also extends to those battling prescription drug misuse. Many individuals abuse prescription drugs for their euphoric effects. A habit that can lead to devastating consequences. Fortunately, our center offers specialized detox programs that safely help individuals stop abusing their medications.

Ultimately, the Retreat of Broward stands out as a leading detox center in Pompano Beach, offering compassionate and personalized support for each client. It’s renowned for its high-quality and individualized detox programs. Thus, setting us apart from other detox programs in South Florida. Our comprehensive approach provides the best chance for success in early recovery. Therefore, making The Retreat of Broward a trusted choice for those seeking to break free from the chains of addiction.

Our Pompano Beach Detox Programs

The Retreat of Broward provides specialized detox programs for various types of drug addictions. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures a comfortable and supportive environment, providing 24/7 care to help clients safely navigate through the challenging first step towards recovery.


Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is a widely consumed substance that is legal and often deemed socially acceptable. However, cutting back or stopping use may result in a range of severe and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms vary in intensity and include tremors, anxiety, hallucinations, nausea, seizures, and even delirium tremens (DTs), which is a life-threatening condition marked by severe confusion and agitation.

Given the seriousness of these symptoms, individuals must seek professional help when attempting to overcome alcohol addiction. Our detox center in Pompano Beach recognizes the complex nature of alcohol addiction and the associated challenges of withdrawal. As such, we offer a comprehensive and medically supervised alcohol detox program designed to minimize the risks of complications caused by withdrawal and reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Detox

Our cocaine detox program is specifically designed to tackle the physical and psychological challenges that arise during the withdrawal process. Cocaine detox can be a daunting experience as users often face an intense “crash” when they abruptly stop using the drug. This crash is characterized by extreme fatigue, depression, anxiety, and cravings. It can be a very uncomfortable and distressing phase for individuals trying to overcome their addiction.

We understand the importance of providing a supportive and comforting environment during this critical phase. Our staff is well-versed in managing withdrawal symptoms and employs a range of techniques to alleviate discomfort. Prescribed medications reduce anxiety and depression. While other medications help manage physical symptoms such as fatigue and cravings. Additionally, a key aspect of the program is the emotional support given to clients throughout their detox journey.

Heroin Addiction

Heroin Detox

Quitting heroin without professional support can be an extremely challenging and dangerous endeavor. Heroin addiction affects the physical and psychological well-being of individuals. The withdrawal process from heroin can be particularly harsh. Thus, causing intense physical and mental symptoms that push individuals toward relapse. Fortunately, our heroin detox program offers a safe and effective treatment plan.

A key component of the program involves the use of medications specifically designed to address the physical and psychological challenges of withdrawing from heroin. The medication-assisted treatment (MAT) helps ease the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms experienced by individuals and minimizes the risk of relapse. These FDA-approved medications work by interacting with the same receptors in the brain that heroin does, but in a much safer and controlled manner.

Meth Addiction

Meth Detox

Methamphetamine, also known as meth, abuse leads to severe physical and psychological consequences, making it critical for individuals struggling with addiction to seek professional help. Inpatient detox centers provide a structured and supportive environment for individuals undergoing meth detoxification. So, by choosing inpatient detox, individuals significantly reduce the risk of relapse and increase their chances of successful recovery.

The meth detox program efficiently manages the challenging withdrawal symptoms that individuals may experience during the initial phase of recovery. These symptoms range from mild to severe and include fatigue, depression, anxiety, irritability, and intense cravings. Our professional staff is well-trained in providing compassionate care and utilizing evidence-based treatments to alleviate these uncomfortable symptoms.

Opiate Addiction

Opiate Detox

Addiction to opiates has undeniably become a widespread problem in the United States, contributing to a public health crisis. The adverse effects of this addiction on individuals and society as a whole are profound. Therefore, necessitating the creation of specialized programs to combat this issue. The Retreat of Broward’s opiate detox program is one such initiative. Whereas, we provide safe and effective support and recovery options for those battling opiate addiction.

When individuals suffering from opiate addiction attempt to break free from the cycle, they often encounter intense withdrawal symptoms. Typically, this means immense physical and psychological distress. We acknowledge the challenging nature of this process and seek to alleviate these symptoms. One crucial aspect of opiate detox is the inclusion of medication to assist individuals in managing cravings and easing the discomfort of withdrawal.

Prescription Drug

Prescription Drug Detox

The misuse of prescription medication is an increasingly prevalent issue in society today, affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. When individuals misuse their prescription medications, they often do so without fully understanding the potential consequences or the dangers involved. This leads to severe health complications and even fatal overdoses. To tackle this pressing problem, The Retreat of Broward offers a specialized prescription drug detox program.

This program provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to stop the abuse of their medications. The main objective is to help clients gradually reduce and eventually eliminate their dependency on prescription drugs. While under the supervision of experienced medical professionals. Our comprehensive range of detox programs in South Florida addresses the varying needs of each client.

What Our Detox Center in Pompano Beach is Like

At The Retreat of Broward, we provide personalized support for all of our clients at our Pompano Beach detox programs. In addition, our comfortable setting luckily gives people the best chance for success in early recovery. While drug and alcohol can be challenging, we provide our clients with a safe, pain-free detoxification experience unlike any other. 

Furthermore, our drug and alcohol detox center offers the following treatment services:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders.
  • Personalized treatment plans for each client’s unique needs.
  • Private rooms during inpatient detox ensure comfort and privacy during this challenging time of recovery.
  • Leisure activities to promote a sense of community within the recovery community.
  • Medical support to monitor the physical health symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is available for those who need it.

To summarize, the first step in recovery is often the most vital. A person cannot begin healing on an emotional and mental basis without getting the drugs and alcohol from their system. At The Retreat of Broward, we offer the best addiction treatment options at our Pompano Beach detox center.

A woman discusses Pompano Beach detox programs with her therapist.

How Long is an Average Stay at Our Detox Center in Pompano Beach, FL?

Most drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms resolve in between 7 and 10 days. At our facility, most people will stay for about a week on average. However, we allow our clients to take longer if needed, usually up to 2 weeks. Because addiction looks different for everyone, recovery and treatment planning looks different as well.

After a stay at our detox center, individuals may continue to have lingering symptoms of withdrawal. While our alcohol and drug detox center helps with the most intense part of recovery, everyone should continue with an aftercare recovery program. Therefore, our experienced treatment team helps our clients plan the next steps in their recovery journey before they leave detox.

Get Started with Our Pompano Beach Detox Programs

Our Pompano Beach detox programs offers compassionate and personalized support, comfortable settings for successful recovery, and a range of services to address individual needs. We prioritize the importance of detox as the first step toward recovery and provide the best addiction treatment options available. Our high-quality care, experienced professionals, and evidence-based therapies make us a trusted choice for detox programs in South Florida.

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