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Fort Lauderdale Detox Center

Detox programs at The Retreat of Broward treat many types of drug addiction. Additionally, our professional staff can help your or a loved one detox safely in a comfortable environment with 24/7 support as well.

Moreover, our Fort Lauderdale detox center is here to give each client the care they need during the first step of recovery from addiction—detox. We provide treatment near Coconut Creek, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs and Margate to name a few of our Florida locations.

Fort Lauderdale Detox Center for Alcoholism

Alcohol Detox

While alcohol use is legal and often socially acceptable, consequently alcohol abuse leads to severe and dangerous withdrawal symptoms during detox.

Retreat of Broward Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine Detox

Cocaine detox is tough due to the unpleasant “crash” many users have when they stop using the drug. Despite this, cocaine detox center eases the process.

Fort Lauderdale Detox Center for Heroin Addiction

Heroin Detox

Quitting heroin without professional support can lead to life-threatening issues including an overdose. In addition, many people benefit from medications to quit heroin.

Retreat of Broward Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

Meth Detox

Methamphetamine or “meth” is a potent and highly addictive drug that affects the central nervous system. Therefore, meth detox at an inpatient detox center reduces the risk of relapse from this stimulant drug.

Fort Lauderdale Detox Center for Opiate Addiction

Opiate Detox

Opiate addiction is currently creating a health crisis in the United States. Fortunately, our opiate detox programs are here to help people begin long-term recovery from their addiction.

Retreat of Broward Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Prescription Drug Detox

Many prescription drugs are misused or abused for their euphoric effects. However, prescription drug detox helps a person safely stop abusing their medications without medical issues.

What Our Detox Center in Fort Lauderdale is Like

At our Fort Lauderdale detox center, we provide compassionate as well as personalized support for all of our clients. In addition, our comfortable setting luckily gives people the best chance for success in early recovery. As such, detox is the first step in recovery from addiction. Last but not least, you or your loved one should, in fact, seek the best treatment available.

Furthermore, our Fort Lauderdale detox center offers the following:

  • Addiction therapy for underlying mental health issues causing substance abuse
  • Personalized treatment plans for each client’s unique needs
  • Private rooms during inpatient detox ensure comfort during this challenging time of recovery
  • Leisure activities to promote a sense of community within the detox center
  • Medical support to monitor the physical health symptoms of withdrawal
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is here for those who need it

We know that the first step in recovery is often the most vital. After all, a person can’t start recovery without getting the drugs and alcohol out of their system. For this reason, we, in fact, offer the best addiction treatment options available at our Fort Lauderdale detox center.

How Long is an Average Stay at Our Fort Lauderdale Detox Center?

Most drugs take about 7 to 10 days to detox. At our Fort Lauderdale detox center, most people will stay for about a week on average. However, we allow our clients to take longer if they need, usually up to 2 weeks. Lastly, everyone experiences addiction differently. Hence, it follows that everyone recovers differently as well.

After a stay at our detox center, a person could continue to have lingering symptoms of withdrawal. Secondly, while our detox center helps with the most intense part of recovery, everyone should continue with an aftercare rehab program. Therefore, for this reason, our treatment team helps our clients plan the next steps in their recovery before they leave detox.

Start Addiction Treatment at Our Fort Lauderdale Detox Center

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol addiction negatively impacts the lives of many Americans each year. Nevertheless, the Retreat of Broward provides professional detox services in Fort Lauderdale,  and near Margate, Florida, for those in need of recovery. We offer Beacon Health for detox support by linking patients to addiction professionals.

In fact, our staff is here to guide you or your loved one through this challenging and often intense process. Furthermore, we offer 24/7 supervision to ensure your safety throughout drug and alcohol detox as well. Contact us today to begin your recovery.

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