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Detox Near Margate, FL

Detox Near Margate, FL

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Whether someone is dealing with drug or alcohol addiction, the time to start recovery is now with our Margate detox service. In the beautiful state of Florida, we provide a great facility near Margate to begin the detox process. No condition is the same. Therefore, each program will be centered to each individual’s needs for recovery. 

While The Retreat of Broward is not located in Margate, we will happily service those who live there. Therefore, our detox service is perfect for anyone going through addiction to begin their journey toward freedom from substances. We offer a variety of services during the detox process in order to help people achieve a life of sobriety.

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Florida Addiction Statistics

Despite Florida‘s reputation as a warm and gorgeous state, there is still a rampant amount of drug and alcohol-related problems there. Additionally, alcohol-related reports are rising almost every year. Unfortunately, it is one of the most frequently abused substances in Florida. 

In a 2019 study by the Substance Use Trend Alert, 18% of adults in Florida engaged in heavy drinking or binge drinking. This issue is a huge problem because it was also found that alcohol-related deaths rose 72% from 2012 to 2019. Sadly, the amount of alcohol-related deaths are too much, and it continues to rise. 

Not only is alcohol on the rise, but also drug addiction. In fact, according to the CDC, there was a rise of drug overdose deaths from 7,764 to 8,104 in one year between 2021 to 2022, in Florida alone. One of the most common types of drug abused in Florida are opioids. Opioids are very dangerous because of their high potency in such a small amount. 

The Florida Department of Health states in Florida, from 2017 to 2019, opioids accounted for 79% percent of fatal overdoses on average. Opioids include different kinds of drugs, but the most common to overdose on is fentanyl. Drugs can come in many forms, from powder, to pills. 

Additionally, they can be mixed together, providing a higher risk of overdosing. If you or someone you know is dealing with alcohol or drug addiction, don’t be part of the statistics. It is never too late to start recovery to have better health and a healthier quality of life.

Benefits of Detox Near Margate, FL

There are many benefits to our detox services at The Retreat of Broward. Our biggest benefit to detox is someone will achieve lasting sobriety in a strong foundation. Hence, this can result in setting them up for long-lasting recovery. 

When someone goes through detox, our goal is to help the individual live a life without substances. Our focus is to remove the individual from any outside influence or triggers that might make them relapse at any time. This will further benefit their goal towards sobriety by withdrawing from all the substances in their life. 

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol alone is dangerous because of the many health risks withdrawal provides. However, in our facilities at The Retreat of Broward, patients will receive 24/7 supervision and structure under our care. 

Our team will monitor patients constantly and consistently, making sure each individual remains stable and as comfortable as possible. If any patients grow any cravings while in detox, we will administer necessary medications to help. Medications will also assist in reducing the impact of withdrawal symptoms.

Our detox center offers an abundance of benefits while going through withdrawal. Whether someone has an alcohol or drug addiction, they will benefit from our detox near Margate as our goal is to help them go through this process comfortably.

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Services Offered at Our Detox Near Margate

We provide a plethora of services during detoxing near Margate. Our effective and safe detox procedures are catered to every patient’s specific needs. We know how difficult detoxing is, so we want to give patients the necessary service to help them recover.

The following are the detox programs we offer at The Retreat of Broward:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Meth
  • Opiate
  • Fentanyl
  • Prescription drug
  • Xanax

For each program we want our patients to heal and recover as a result of detoxification. To do that, our team makes sure patients get the most effective treatment and professional care in our services. Below are the services we provide in our detox programs. 

These include: 

  • Daily medical visits
  • Medicated-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • 24/7 nursing care and supervision
  • Residential group outings
  • Comprehensive case management services
  • Amenities to choose from
  • AA/NA Meetings

Additional services include many forms of therapies to go through during our Margate detox service. Our therapies range from cognitive-behavioral therapy, family counseling, group therapy, and more. Addiction not only creates issues for the body in a physical sense, but it also affects the mind. 

When patients undergo a withdrawal period, it is important each person has what they need. That’s why our services give our clients the opportunity to have all things necessary for their detoxing process.

Get Help Today at Our Detox Near Margate, FL

If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, we can help you get started in your journey to recovery. Detoxing is the most important process towards sobriety, and our team can help you comfortably work through it. If you or someone you know needs to start recovering from addiction, we will be happy to take in patients at our facilities near Margate, Florida. 

Reach out and contact us today about our detox centers or visit our admissions page. 

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