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Our skin covers our body and protects our internal organs from injury. As an expert advisor, we understand what drugs do to your face and the harm that substance misuse can cause to a person’s skin. Drugs are harmful not just to the inside workings of your body, but also to your skin and appearance. You may become unrecognizable, even to yourself, with long-term drug usage.

There will be indications of addiction long after someone has stopped taking the drug. This might make a person feel as though they will never be able to escape their past. Why? Because they can see it in the mirror every time they look in it.

Today, we are going to discuss all the adverse effects of taking drugs on the face as well as other parts. So, let’s check the details.

What do drugs do to your face in the long run?

While certain substances are more dangerous than others, a drug addict’s face can sometimes show visible changes in look as well as aesthetic damage. The harshness with which drugs damage your face is determined by a variety of factors. And these include the substances taken, drug interactions, the level of the addiction, the person’s health, and the person’s skin care hygiene habits and regimen.

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So, what do drugs do to your face? Drugs can have the following effects on your face if you misuse them for a long time:

  • Blood clots in the eyes or bloodshot eyes.
  • Skin lesions and blemishes appear with age.
  • The eyesight has lowered.
  • Eyelids that are floppy or retractable.
  • Damage to the teeth and disorders in the mouth.

Bloodshot eyes are relatively uncommon in drug users. But long-term misuse can result in irreparable damage. These issues may spread to the eyelids and surrounding skin in certain circumstances. This results in even more visible changes in appearance. Sunken eyes, which are typically a symptom of natural aging, may also make someone look older than they are. Wrinkles cause by a loss of skin elasticity, which is also a major contributor to the impression of fake aging.

Methamphetamine, in particular, may cause a number of issues, and the damage it causes is commonly referred to as “meth face.” It is one of the most harmful medications to a person’s physical appearance. This causes noticeable alterations. Long-term meth users may seem considerably older, have significantly bad dental health, and have open sores or acne-like lesions due to meth mites picking their skin.

What do drugs do to an individual part of the face?

Once you know about what drugs do to your face, then it is also necessary to know what it does to each individual part of your face.

Your skin

Acne outbreaks on the face and body are caused by steroids. Meth causes poor skin, acne, and self-inflicted wounds as a result of scratching at your face and body because you believe bugs are crawling beneath your skin, causing sores and scars.

Your hair

Steroids can induce male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.

Your nostrils

Cocaine snorting can cause nosebleeds and a loss of sense of smell. It has the potential to completely ruin the cartilage in your nose.


Drugs can lead to rotting teeth, gum disease, and terrible breath – which is caused by dry mouth, teeth clenching, and inadequate dental hygiene.

How to prevent drug side effects on your face?

Getting the details on what drugs do to your face is necessary. But it is also important to know the prevention.

The first step to reversing or minimizing the effects of drug misuse on your face is to quit misapplying them. The longer you abuse drugs, the more harmful effects they have on your face, and the more difficult it is to restore this damage. While cosmetic help may result in slight improvements, continuing to use these medicines will only worsen the situation.

Professional treatment programs can help you in quitting these substances for good. And also it allows you to make true progress. Drugs have a variety of impacts on your face, but after you’re straight, some of these factors may gradually go. You should contact a dermatologist if you wish to speed up the procedure or if you have more severe aesthetic changes.

They may be able to prescribe or recommend drugs or foods to help in the recovery process. A consistent skincare program may require to notice results, although the effects may not be completely reversible in certain cases.

Let’s conclude the discussion!

It is important to note that substance misuse may have long-term and irreparable consequences in a person’s life. Drugs can have a negative influence on your health, but they can also have a negative impact on your face and physical attractiveness over time. After a while, you can find it difficult to identify the person looking back at you in the mirror.

We have mentioned details about what drugs do to your face. Hope you understand the details and consider these points.

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