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What is Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery?

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Traditionally, therapy is a main component of any form of addiction treatment. There is one-on-one therapy, and there is group therapy. We will explore different forms of group therapy and get an in-depth understanding of group therapy as well as its benefits. Understanding the importance of this part of addiction treatment is important.

What is Group Therapy?

Attending therapy in a group setting of peers who are enduring similar struggles, and guided by a therapist is the basic definition of group therapy. It provides a “safe space” of being around others who are going through similar things and being able to relate so that personal feelings and experiences can be processed.

Types of Group Therapy

There are many forms of group therapy that individuals can be exposed to during the process of addiction treatment. They can vary in form and structure but they all have their own benefits and processes to make them vital to the recovery process.


What is gender-specific group therapy? Usually it is easier to open up and be honest in a peer group of the same gender. Because group therapy tends to be a vulnerable experience, addressing these highly personal topics can be easier with peers of the same gender than in a mixed gender setting.

Gender-specific groups are designed to treat men and women separately to be able to be vulnerable and address any gender-specific issues that arise during the treatment process. Gender-specific group therapy is beneficial for providing a less distracting, more relatable group in a comfortable setting.

In many instances, past traumas and events can be an underlying cause of the addiction being treated. Oftentimes, women have endured some form of sexual trauma and men tend to have a hard time opening up about any deep seeded emotional or physical traumas they have endured. Being in a gender-specific group can make it easier to discuss these traumatic events and allow for individuals to open up on these topics.

Relapse Prevention

In these types of groups, the main topic is how to avoid relapse. What this form of therapy provides is knowledge. These groups teach different techniques and coping mechanisms that can help to fight off cravings to use drugs and alcohol, and address triggers in a healthy way so that drugs and alcohol aren’t chosen as a solution to these situations. These tools help addicts and alcoholics who are seeking recovery reach a level of success through understanding and self-sufficiency in tough situations.


Consisting of a single therapist holding a session with multiple individuals, group therapy provides is a general discussion on things that may be affecting a person at any given time. This allows for a safe and productive environment open to the honest communication of feelings and emotions, with constructive feedback in return. There is no designated structure to these groups, but certain topics can lead the discussions.


What is educational group therapy? These types of groups can teach those in the group about different psychological aspects associated with addiction. Understanding how addiction to drugs and alcohol affects a person psychologically can be helpful to maintaining long-term recovery.

Why is Group Therapy Beneficial?

There are many benefits to group therapy. Being able to address issues a person may be experiencing in a group of peers who are experiencing or have experienced similar problems can help to make someone feel safe and secure in sharing their experiences.

Gain Confidence

Self-confidence can be a vital benefit of the group therapy experience. Believing that recovery is possible can help maintain your recovery.


This form of therapy also provides a set of supportive peers and professionals that can help. This support is essentially what can help to get you through the initial portion of drug and alcohol treatment.


When it comes down to it, many addicts in early recovery cannot afford one-on-one therapy. Group therapy is a cheaper way to received a therapeutic approach to recovery.


During active addiction, many addicts and alcoholics isolated and pushed all of their friends and family away. Social skills may be lacking, and so providing improvement in this area is vital.

Providing a Safe Space

Getting help can be an uncomfortable experience. Having a safe environment to express your feelings can help you overcome that which may be holding you back.

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