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Group Therapy

People participating in SMART and motivational therapy practice.

What Is SMART and Motivational Interviewing

Both SMART and motivational interviewing possess valuable tools for personal growth, enabling individuals to set meaningful goals while developing the necessary mindset for success. They can be effective in fostering positive change and facilitating behavior modification. By better understanding Smart and motivational therapy approaches, people can harness their power to make sustainable transformations in their […]

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knowing the difference between Group versus individual therapy can help you make the right choice for your own treatment journey.

Group Versus Individual Therapy

Group versus individual therapy involves two distinct therapeutic approaches to help individuals address mental health concerns. Both forms of therapy have unique advantages and disadvantages, making it essential for individuals to understand their differences when considering which approach suits them best.  Pros of Group Therapy Group therapy offers a range of benefits that make it

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What is Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery?

Traditionally, therapy is a main component of any form of addiction treatment. There is one-on-one therapy, and there is group therapy. We will explore different forms of group therapy and get an in-depth understanding of group therapy as well as its benefits. Understanding the importance of this part of addiction treatment is important. What is

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